Implications of housing transformation on the sense of place in Chamboli mine housing area of Copperbelt Province,Zambia

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Mwaba, Collins
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The University of Zambia
Firstly, I would like to thank the almighty God for having kept me this far and having accorded me a rare opportunity to study at the University of Zambia. The completion of this dissertation would not have been possible without the contributions, support and help of many people. Many thanks to the Department of Physical Planning and Housing under the Ministry of Local Government and Housing for sponsoring my studies. I would also like to thank all the lecturers and members of staff in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies for their assistance, support and guidance during the course of my studies. Special thanks to my supervisors Dr. Orleans Mfune and Dr. Sylvester Mashamba for their guidance and support during the research period. Their guidance and support undoubtedly shaped my dissertation. May the almighty God bless you richly. I also would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the research participants in Chamboli mine housing area for providing me with answers to the questions I had in my research instruments. Without them this dissertation would not have been a success. To my loving parents, Mr. Alexander Mwaba (mhsrp) and Regina Mwaba, I am highly indebted. My siblings Silvia Mwaba Kamaji, Conrad Mwaba, Nancy Mwaba, Cynthia Mwaba and Cornelius Mwaba may God bless you for being there for me. Special thanks to my beautiful wife Silvia Mulenga Mwaba and children Kangwa Mwaba and Lubuto Kondwani Mwaba for the care, encouragement and unconditional love that they gave me throughout my studies. Lastly but not the least, I would like to extend my gratitude to all my classmates for the support and encouragement they gave me. We persevered together as a formidable and united team to finally complete our studies. There were times when we differed over academic and personal issues but we always reconciled and moved forward in unison. I will miss the academic debates that we used to have. My friend, brother and classmate, Raymond Lukomona thank you for giving me the much needed strength to go on especially during hard times. May the almighty God continue blessing you abundantly.
Housing transformation--Low income--Zambia