The role of School Managers in Mitigating High School Drop out rate of the Deaf: A case of Munali Special Unit

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Malama, Yvonne
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University of Zambia
This study is an exploration of the role of school managers in mitigating high dropout rates of deaf pupils. The objectives of the study were: to identify the attitudes of school managers towards the deaf pupils, to establish the reasons behind high deaf dropouts from the perspective of school managers and to identify the challenges faced by school managers in addressing high dropout rates of the deaf. This study was qualitative and used a case study as a research design. A purposive sampling technique was used which targeted the deaf pupils, teachers of the deaf and school managers. Data was collected using semi-structured interviews for the teachers and school manager, questionnaires for the deaf pupils and an observation schedule, and this data was analysed using thematic analysis. The major findings are that school managers did not take keen interest in the welfare of the deaf pupils and hence contributing to high dropout rates of the deaf pupils. Three main factors were identified to influence school dropout rate these are; family background, pupils behaviour and negative experiences in school. The major challenges faced by school managers arc lack of appropriate teaching and learning materials, negative attitude or behaviour by pupils and lack of interaction between school managers and parents. Basing on the research findings, the study recommends to school managers that parents, community and teachers should work together to enhance pupils retention, pupils must be actively engaged in both formal and informal school activities, parental involvement in the education of their child should be encouraged by the school management and schools should develop initiatives to motivate pupils to attend school. There is need in future for a research to be conducted at national level, preferably comparing the high dropouts of the deaf in others schools in Zambia with the aim of addressing the problem wholistically. Key words: explore, deaf, mitigation, dropout.
Master of Education in Educational Management
Inclusive education -- Zambia. , School management and organization.