An assessment of tenga mobile application and customer satisfaction in selected atlas Mara bank branches, Lusaka, Zambia.

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Ngwenya, Liksina Tionenji
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The University of Zambia
The study assessed Tenga mobile application and customer satisfaction in selected Atlas Mara Bank branches Lusaka, Zambia. The target population constituted Atlas Mara bank employees who interact with customers directly and customers with active Tenga Mobile accounts. The study tested the hypothesis that; there is no relationship between Tenga Mobile Application and customer satisfaction. A convergent parallel mixed method design was adopted in this study. Purposive and stratified sampling techniques were used to sample 89 respondents using self-administered questionnaires of which 72 were answered representing 81% response rate. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Karl Pearson correlation was used, and correlation was statistically significant at 0.01. Findings revealed that customers used Tenga Mobile Application to a moderate extent. However, the application was used very often. It also revealed that the security of the application was fair with good privacy and good quality of information. The major challenge of Tenga Mobile Application was the lengthy information which created difficulties, mostly avoided and not viewed. The other challenge was low awareness levels by customers even though the study revealed that Tenga Mobile Application played an important role in customer satisfaction. Customers indicated that the bank was not doing enough to raise the awareness on the importance of Tenga Mobile Application. However, there was a positive relationship between customer satisfaction and Tenga Mobile Application (p<0.000). This implies that customers were generally satisfied with Tenga Mobile Application despite the few challenges. Following the research findings, the following recommendations were given 1.Managment to increase awareness by educating customers possibly as they visit the branches.2. Management to engage in continuous improvement of the operating system in service delivery services.3.Invest in UpToDate technologies in digital banking to always be technologically present in this competitive edge so as to gain market share.4.Mangment to introduce a service quality model that will allow managers effectively monitor services in all branches.
Mobile application--customer satisfaction.