Full immunisation coverage of under five children and its correlates among women in Lubuto, Ndola, Zambia.

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Chofwe, M.
Kwangu, M.
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Health Press Zambia Bull.
Child morbidity and mortality in most developing countries is mainly due to vaccine-preventable diseases and Zambia is not an exception according to WHO. Although numerous interventions have been made to increase immunisation coverage, full,immunisation coverage in Zambia remains relatively low at 68%. This study examines the predictors of full childhood immunisation. A cross-sectional study of a representative sample of 364 women with children under the age of five years from households of diverse socio-economic levels in a peri-urban locality in Ndola, Zambia, was performed. Only 44.8% of subjects were found to be fully immunised. Children aged 1-12 months were less likely to be fully immunised than younger or older children: 30.7% compared with 56.5% for children aged <1month, 50.0% for those aged 13-24 months, and 55.6% for children aged 25-60 months. Contrary to other studies, distance from health centre, and maternal education were not found to predict the outcome of the immunisation status of a child. Immunisation coverage in Lubuto, Ndola, was much lower than found in other surveys done in the region. The differences found in immunisation coverage by marital status and age of the child should be considered by programme and policy makers if better rates of immunisation are to be achieved. In addition to this, younger mothers should be targeted.
Examining the predictors of full childhood immunisation in Zambia.
Vaccination, Statistics---Zambia , Full immunisation, statistics---Zambia , Children, immunisation---Zambia
Chofwe M. and Kwangu M. (2018). Full Immunisation Coverage Of Under Five Children And Its Correlates Among Women In Lubuto, Ndola, Zambia. Health Press Zambia Bull. 2 (7)