''A winning formular in political communication: The case of the patriotic front in Wusakile ward of Wusakile constituency of Kitwe city-Zambia''

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Sakala, Smart
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This study demonstrated that the Patriotic Front's (P.F) prominent campaign message to the electorate of redemption from poverty, corruption, lack of opportunities and employment, heavy taxes ,very high cost of living and change in ninety days were critical in securing their victory. It seems the P.F understood the mood for change in the nation very well and therefore devised a message that could easily capture people's hearts and souls. Further, this study demonstrate respondents in Wusakile ward believe that the "don't kubeba" slogan played a significant role in the 2011 elections historic victory by the Patriotic Front (PF). It encouraged a policy of defiant cooperation. The slogan was not only meant to counter suspected Movement for Multi-party Democracy's (MMD) electoral fraud but also to dislodge the party from power and it seem to have worked. From the respondents' answers, the P.F's message of hope to the voters and president Sata's consistent articulation of this campaign message was their winning formula in the 2011 presidential elections. The "don't kubeba" slogan was the icing of the cake. It gave life to P.F's campaign promises.
Communication in politics--Zambia , Political campaigns--Patriotic front--Zambia , Political parties