An assessment of the impact of Industrial Arts in Monze District Urban Schools from 1983-93

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Ndopu, Robert M.
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The University of Zambia
In Zambia, tourism has been identified as having the potential to contribute to national economic development in terms of foreign exchange earnings as well as to revitalize the economies of remote rural areas with low agricultural potential. The tourism development potential lies in the country‘s abundant tourism resources, in form of wildlife experiences, cultural heritage and the famous Victoria Falls. The main objective of the study was to assess tourism growth and employment creation in Zambia with specific reference to Livingstone and the Greater Victoria Falls Area. The study examined the influence of tourism in job creation. The study used case study research design. The research used both qualitative and quantitative methods in data collection and analysis. In-depth interviews with selected people were used. The findings indicated that creation of jobs in many tourism businesses such as hotels, motels, lodges and infrastructure such as road network and the International Airport. Jobs such as waiters, cooks, receptionists and chefs, just to mention a few is a case in point.. However, Livingstone and the Greater Victoria Falls Area were still facing challenges such as expensive accommodations for lodges, hotels, and motels as well as high visa fees and other taxes for tourists. Against this background Zambia cannot attract many tourists to come and enjoy all the attractions which in turn can bring more foreign exchange and create more jobs inform of more constructions of hotels, lodges and road networks. The tourists would prefer to spend the nights in Zimbabwe where the accommodation and visa fees were cheaper. The study recommended that the government could reduce or remove visa fees and other barriers to tourism development so as to enhance employment creation opportunities. Tourism enterprises could also be encouraged to make accommodation affordable so as to help increase tourists‘ flow into Livingstone. Above all, government should take keen interest to invest in tourism-oriented infrastructure such as roads; and encourage the private sector to invest in building more hotels and lodges. It is such measures which could make tourists prefer Zambia to Zimbabwe
Tourism--Zambia , Industrial relations. , Foreign trade and employment--Zambia , Zambia--Economic conditions.