A comparative study of Tonga and Ila.

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Hambizi, Harriet
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The University of Zambia
This study made a comparative analysis of Tonga and Ila languages of Zambia. Particularly, the study investigated some linguistic variations of the two languages namely, Ila spoken in Namwala, Itezhi-Tezhi, Mumbwa districts in the central parts of Zambia and Tonga spoken in Gwembe, Sinazongwe and Maamba districts in the southern and central parts of Zambia. The aim of the study was to establish the linguistic variations and similarities in terms of the phonological, morphological, syntactic and lexical parameters between the two languages under study. The major findings of the study were that Tonga manifested variations and similarities at various levels of linguistic analysis in relation to Ila.There are few differences between Ila spoken in Namwala and Tonga spoken in Maamba, Gwembe and Sinazongwe districts. In addition, the study found that there were lexical differences exhibited among the two languages, followed by syntactic and phonological variations which were found to be few between the two languages. Tonga and Ila shared more similarities in terms of their morphological structure and lexical. Among others, one of the major recommendations made was that a large scale study, beyond the current one on comparative of Tonga and Ila languages be carried out in order to include other languages from Lake Tanganyika and Zimbabwe so that the conclusions to be made would be based on all forms of the Tonga and Ila languages therefore. Key words: Lexico, lexicology, linguistics, morphology, morpheme, phoneme, phonology, semantics, syntax
Language and languages--Variation. , Linguistic change. , Sociolinguistics. , Ila language--Dictionaries. , Ila language--Grammar. , English language--Dictionaries--Ila. , Ila language. , Ila (African people).