A study of factors influencing the zambian youths to take up nursing as a career.

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Bwalya, B L.
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The main aim of the study Is to identify factors influencing the Zambian youths to choose nursing as career with a view to attract and encourage more students to join nursing. The study includes literature on previous studies regarding the choice of nursing career. It also includes literature on occupation socialisation. The study sought to identify who or what influenced the students decision to join nursing, students feelings towards being accepted for nursing and the person with whom they shared their feelings. It also sought to identify student nurses expectation of nursing before entering nursing education and training, whether their expectations have changed and find the reasons why. The study was also concerned with student nurses suggestions which could help other school leavers choose nursing as a career. The study showed that students in the sample had various people and things influencing them to choose nursing before commencing training. Most of them were able to discuss their feelings with various persons. The study also showed that students had various expectations of nursing before joining nursing. However, most students expectations had changed by the time they were three months old in training. This is because of the reality of things they encountered while in nursing education and training. Finally, students in the sample have suggested various ways which could help other school leavers choose nursing as a career.
Career Choice --Nursing --Zambia , Nursing --Vocational guidance.