Implementation of comprehensive sexuality education in selected secondary schools of Solwezi district of Zambia.

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Sangenjo, Anthony
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The University of Zambia
The progression rate of pupils in most Zambian schools seems to be hampered by many challenges. Some of these challenges include the spread of sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies. These challenges have posed a threat to the future of many pupils as well as the social economic development of the nation as a whole. To abate this prevailing situation, the Zambian government through the Ministry of General Education designed a Comprehensive Sexuality Framework in 2013. This study therefore was carried out to examine the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in selected Secondary Schools of Solwezi District. Through interviews, document analysis and questionnaires, data was collected from some schools in the mentioned district. The objectives of the study were to establish whether CSE was taught in secondary schools of Solwezi district, to assess the availability of teaching and learning materials used in the implementation of CSE in selected secondary schools of Solwezi and to analyse the challenges encountered in the implementation of CSE Framework in selected secondary schools of Solwezi district. The study findings showed that the Ministry of General Education (MoGE) rolled out the programme to teach CSE in all the schools. It was however discovered that some schools did not implement this program due to lack of teaching materials such as resource books. Others schools did not teach Comprehensive Sexuality Education because they lacked trained teachers who would teach it effectively. Because of this, many pupils in most schools where the research was carried did not know much about Comprehensive Sexuality Education. The study further showed that pregnancy levels in the Zambian schools continued to be on the increase. From the research findings, it was concluded that Comprehensive Sexuality Education in selected schools of Solwezi district was not implemented. The study recommended that the Ministry of General Education should provide resource materials in all the schools as well as ensuring that all the teachers teaching subjects that integrated Comprehensive Sexuality should be trained in order to effectively reduce the transmission rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections and unintended pregnancies among learners.
Sex instruction for youth--Zambia. , Sexuality education.