Implementing Art and Design in the middle Basic School curriculum:A case study of selected Basic Schools in Chongwe and Lusaka Districts

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Chilinda, Isaac Sindazi
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Many countries including Zambia have on several occasions changed approaches in the schools including the Middle Basic School. In Zambia some of the approaches have been the Zambia Primary Course (ZPC) and there is now the current Zambia Teacher Education Course (ZATEC). The objective of the changes has been to improve or implement a curriculum effectively. The research aimed at evaluating the implementation of the curriculum at the Middle Basic School (Grades 5-7). The implementation was evaluated by using both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis. The findings of the research were that Art and Design was not taught in the Middle Basic School. The results show that Art and Design materials were not provided and that the schools concentrate on the teaching of the subjects that are examinable at Grade seven (7) level. Teachers receive instructions at the Teachers' College of Education; however, the same teachers who even pass an examination in the subject recommend that there should be specialized teachers who should be trained as specialist teachers from the Teachers College of Education.
Art and Design