Poor water supply and sanitation in Chainda Shanty Compound(2004-2014),Lusaka,Zambia

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Mukanda, Cecilia S.M.
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University of Zambia
It is well known that water is a natural resource without which all living things cannot exist. It is a natural requirement for all living things to have access to water, if they have to be alive. It is why seventy percent of our planet earth is covered by water, though the world population is facing water scarcity. Such scarcity of water is urging people to use water from unprotected sources which the world urban poor and rural population are highly affected by. It is a well known fact that ‘water is life’ because it gives life for all. On the contrary, many are dying as a result of unsafe drinking water. The consequences of unsafe drinking water are in general negatively affecting the environmental and socio- economic development of a nation. Access to basic sanitation still remains a big challenge to the urban poor. The combination of poor accessibility to potable water and basic sanitation is negatively impacting on the economic, environmental, and social condition of a country. Chainda compound of Lusaka is among the many shanty compounds in Zambia experiencing poor accessibility to potable water and basic sanitation. As it is in many compounds, the people of Chainda are affected by the problem of water and sanitation.
Post Grad. Dip. in Integrated Water Resources Management
Water Supply-Chainda,Lusaka , Sanitation-Chainda,Lusaka