The public image of Zambia Railways

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Bwalya, Charity Chibwe Mbolela
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This report, based on a practical attachment with Zambia Railways, the author discusses the company's poor image within the historical and current context. Beginning with a background of the company, the author gives the terms of reference, methodology and literature review on railways in general, in the context image-building. The author then discusses the conceptual framework highlighting various relevant communication theories within the context of communication for development. The report is concerned with definitions of the basic concepts which the author has used throughout the report. A section follows this on the author's personal experience during the attachment. This is done with a view of putting the reader of the report into context. The main the problems and constraints of ZR, and what management perceives as possible solutions are also discussed. The author's personal input during the attachment included the focus group discussions, interviews, and the meetings which are discussed in a separate chapter. Before the concluding chapter, the author discusses the findings of the attachment in the light of communication theories as presented in the conceptual framework. The last chapter gives a generic conclusion on how Zambia Railways requires knowledge of the market, industry and available technology to survive and make profit. She has recommended good communication with their major customers. This can easily change the perceived bad image of Zambia Railways. Recommendations were also made following the various discussions and views presented in the report. The public Image of Zambia Railways was worth looking at because the corporate image of any progressive company is inevitable for its growth.
Railroads -- Zambia